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Girls trip, Yes please!

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

I cannot stress enough how important it is to learn how to pause and make time for yourself and cultivate friendships with like-minded people.

Nothing brings me more joy than doing the things I love with people who can appreciate them as much as I do. Two of these things are traveling and eating! Travel always brings so much joy into my life when I am going through a rough patch or need to resource. It doesn't always have to be far, it can be a thirty minute drive to the beach or a trip overseas whenever I can afford it. I love having something exciting to look forward to and I blissfully enjoy a sunset on any given day or find pleasure in eating a mango gelato more than I probably should.

When Maggie called me to help her plan a girls trip to the Grand Canyon in April with two other friends, I was overwhelmed with joy! The Grand Canyon has always been on my bucket list and Sedona is one of the most energy filled places on the planet. I will not try and explain vortexes on this post but it is believed to be a center of healing energy, meditation and self-exploration and people travel from across the globe to come to Sedona for this reason. With the help of a colleague who had recently been there, we built the right itinerary for this active, fun and hard working trio in need of self-care.

All three girls are established professionals who know the value of time and needed a much deserved break away from their crazy work schedules and busy lives. The trip was three days long but the girls wasted no time on their short but very sweet getaway. Maggie, had racked up quite of few miles on her credit card so they booked the air on their own utilizing the points she had amassed.

Day 1

The girls departed Fort Lauderdale Friday on an early flight to Flagstaff, Arizona, a very small but conveniently located airport where I arranged for a car rental pick up for them to drive into Sedona.

I booked them in a very spacious suite at the Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock that they shared for their stay.

Since early check-in was not permitted, they dropped off their bags and headed out to the Main Street area and grabbed a bite for lunch before returning to their suite. I did not book anything for them that evening as I knew they would be on the road early the next day. They spent the afternoon in town checking out local shops and exploring the city.

Day 2

Saturday morning, the girls were on the road by 7 am on their way to Williams, Arizona, a small town about an hour north of Sedona. They arrived at the Grand Canyon Railway Depot to pick up tickets that I had previously purchased for them to get on an exciting train ride to the Grand Canyon.

When I gave Maggie her documents, I told her about all the amenities that came with her luxury Parlor car, including snacks and cocktails but I did not tell her about the "cowboys" who would be getting onboard mid-way to the Canyon. I feel like an element of surprise (as long as it is a good one) adds to the experience of the client and I did not want to ruin that for her.

The girls wanted to hike and did not want to book a helicopter tour of the Canyon so I arranged for a motor coach to take them to the South Rim of the Canyon where they had an hour on their own to explore this beautiful landscape. Maggie raves about the views there and how perfect the day had been.

Later that evening, they headed back to Sedona and retired to their suite and opted to stay in for dinner. The hotel had great dining options and live music during their stay. The sales team was also very proactive in helping me plan excursions and explaining the amenities that were available on site.

Day 3

Maggie really wanted to go to a Slide Rock park and take a dip in one of those natural pools on Sunday so I suggested the Slide Rock Oak Creek Canyon where they could get their feet wet but the April weather this year did not permit that. Her and her tribe hiked the neighboring trails in the morning and enjoyed massages at the spa later that day.

Day 4

Monday everyone was up bright and early as the trip had come to an end, the girls dropped off their rental car and headed to the airport and by 6 pm, everyone was back home in Florida feeling renewed and ready to tackle a new week!

I loved creating this custom itinerary for Maggie and her friends; I did quite some research for a short trip but not only did I learn so much putting it all together, I also helped someone create memories that they will cherish forever and that is the goal!

What about you? Have you been on an epic girls trip? Please share your thoughts with me below.

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