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Prioritizing Self-Care with Isabelle Alerte Colimon

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

I love seeing happy people around me, and so my motto has long been to always show up for those who show up for me and stretch myself as much as I could to make that happen. I also struggle with anxiety so much more now than I have in the past #checkonyourstrongfriends.

It wasn’t until I had Jonathan that I realized what certain habits were costing me and learned to prioritize myself with time and create boundaries not only with myself but also with others.

This month I teamed up with Isabelle Alerte Colimon writer of and Co-owner of Mel’Ange Haiti to share easy ways to incorporate Self-care in your life or daily routine.

“I think for a really long time, I confused self-care with being selfish.” “It took me a little while to truly understand that self-care was filling my own cup each day, being quiet and still with myself so I could function at my best for the benefit of everyone and everything around me.”

“I think for a really long time, I confused self-care with being selfish.”

Over the years, these have been my go-to self-care daily routine:

· Morning coffee: Preparing my coffee has become a form of ritual for me. I wake up at 5:00 a.m. most mornings and just love everything about pouring water, scooping a spoonful of ground coffee and patiently waiting for the hissing sound of the coffee kettle and its earthy aromas. I wrap my hands around my favorite Haiti Metal coffee mug like a prayer and enjoy my coffee in any outdoor space where I can breathe in some fresh air.

· Meditation: I have learned in the past few years how to meditate. Sometimes cross-legged in full yoga pose or most times sitting outside in silence on a chair with my coffee mug, just being. Meditation, for me, is tuning into what’s going on inside of me. It can last anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. It’s not the length of time, it's about check-in with yourself.

· Body movement: I love an early morning jog or walking around my neighborhood. Running and walking outside allows me to observe and explore changing sceneries. While jogging, I like observing mountain views, checking out what new shops are opening around the corner or the reflection of the rising sun flickering on the river. Exercising for me has become a way to connect mind and body, and a healthy way to release energy.

· Reading: Anyone who knows me, knows I always have a book in front of me. I share my favorite titles in my monthly series of #BooksIAmReading in my blog I read everything from fiction to autobiographies. Books expand my mind and inspires my creativity. Self-care includes self-knowledge, feed your curiosity!

· Say Yes!: Say yes to you! Stop putting off taking care of yourself for a later time. You are your own responsibility. Whether it’s taking pockets of 5 minutes of quiet time or a full day time off, fill your cup. You’ll be a better you to you and everyone else.

· Night Tea: Wrapping my fingers around my favorite cup of Mel’Ange Choublac (Hibiscus tea) I sit quietly outside, to settle the dust on busy days. There is something about tea that calms the spirit!

Isabelle Alerte Colimon is a writer born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She has extensive experience as a communications specialist and storyteller in her 12+ years career in New York which has prepared her for her biggest and most personal project: In Written Word. Her blog is a collection of her stories, personal essays, experiences and train-of-thoughts. She is also known for her entrepreneurship as the Co-owner of Mel’Ange Haiti, a women-owned, natural wellness product company founded by her mother Marlene Ferrus Alerte. From her stories to her teas, she continues to explore self-care and wellness in all its possibilities.

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