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Self Care Picnic: "Yes Please!"

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

2021 is all about saying Yes to things that align with positivity, wellness and growth so naturally when Joann Mezadieux of Lovelydarlingspicnic reached out about a self-care event she had been planning last month, I knew it was a blessing in disguise. If you've ever seen her work, you know that her attention to detail is second to none. I checked out of the mommy title and packed my bag for a one day stay in Miami.

The day started early with a 9:30 am meet and greet with a small group of ladies and a beautiful set up on the beach. We then jumped right into a yoga class led by the amazing Katrin Stoerr de Queiroz of doulaksq which absolutely helped us clear our minds and get a good morning stretch. I could not think of a better ice-breaker!

After yoga, refreshments were served along with sparkling and flat water. We then gathered in a circle, masks on (of course), and shared some intimate struggles we'd been dealing with in our respective lives. Geraldine of author_geraldine guided us through some techniques and routines to help us manage our time schedule and prioritize self-care in the day to day.

Each one of us took turns getting chair massages courtesy of bodyworkbyamanda and when it was all over, we left filled with gratitude, a sense of feeling centered and a bond with people who were no longer strangers but sisters even if only for a day.

I read somewhere that self-care is not an indulgence but rather a mere act of self-respect and self-love which, when practiced regularly, makes us better as a collective. My wish is that people learn to embrace the act itself as a vital component to their survival and make space for it. Just as we fill our days with things that take energy out of us, may we fill them with as much that pour into us. For tips on how to introduce self-care into your daily routine, start here.

"The challenge is not to be perfect — it is to be whole."

Jane Fonda

All images captured by canvasandcanopymedia

Joann Mezadieux is a creative entrepreneur with many passions who works independently as a lifestyle manager and a creative director to bring colorful dreams to life. Her Lovely Darlings brand specializes in Luxury Picnic events in the Miami/Fort-Lauderdale area. To book a picnic or consultation, she can be reached at or visit her website at

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